GOLF DAY - 15th MAY 2014:
Further reminder
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This is a further reminder about the Golf Day being held at Germiston Golf Club on Thursday 15th May 2014..
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Germiston Golf Course 15th May 2014
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A new Chamber - Towers and Ladders
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Amended Construction Regulations which are incorporated in the Occupationaal Health and Safety Act
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Welcome to the Institute for Work at Height

The Institute for Work at Height was formed in January 2009 being a merger of the Specialised Access Engineering Manufacturers Association (SAEMA) and the Rope Access And Fall Arrest Association (RAFAA) desirous of creating safety awareness and in turn "professionalism in the overall Work At Height Industry".


Numerous notifications have been sent out regarding the IWH golf day to be held at Germiston Golf Club on Thursday 15th May 2014.

We require a field of 120 golfers (30 fourballs) and are falling short of this number at this date by just over half.

As a member, if you are not a golfer you are kindly requested to sponsor one or more client fourballs.

Please support your Institute – click here for Entry Form

The Institute

    • Provides a unified voice for suppliers and users of all types of work at height equipment and services.
    • Sets and maintains Industry standards.
    • Develops guidelines and frameworks for skills development within the Industry.
    • Impresses on clients the professionalism, integrity and credibility of IWH members by adherence to a Code of Ethical Practice.
    • Represents Industry views to Government Departments and the Private Sector.
    • Provides information on all related work at height matters.
    • Provides a regular forum for members to meet and discuss matters of mutual interest.

Fraudulant Certificates

It has been brought to the notice of the IWH and its Professional Body, that there is currently a proliferation of certificates in the market place allegedly issued by the IWH showing the competency of a Practitioner particularly in the RAFAA Rope Access designations of either Levels 1, 2 or 3.

Certificates are “look alike” in many respects to those issued by the IWH including signature.

Prospective employers are cautioned to verify validity of these certificates by taking the following action:

IWH certificates showing a RAFAA Level 1, 2 or 3 designation

Please e-mail direct a copy of the certificate to and request validity. A “yes” or “no” response will then be e-mailed back to you within 2 hours.

IWH certificates showing any NQF unit standard/s

In this regard go to the IWH Professional Body web-site and click on the icon shown on the Home Page called “Validate a Practitioner”

All you need to do in this instance is to insert the ID of the person concerned, and if their details come up then you may rest assured the person is competent in the unit standard/s as shown.