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This policy and procedure are intended to ensure consistency, fairness and business efficiency concerning the certification process. It should be followed with due care and accuracy and all appropriate data must be recorded on the member certificates.


The scope of the procedure includes the effective management of the assessment and quality assurance procedure as a whole and includes the following activities:

a) Issuing of certificate & ID Cards

b) Storage of certificates & ID Cards

c) Safety of certificates & ID Cards


Certification – the formalization of assessed competence in a structured and recorded manner based on evidence obtained from the candidate/training provider on behalf of the candidate and which will act as proof of competence in various situations


After ratification by the Skills and Ratification Committee, the Administrator can print and issue certificates to members for designations.  The Professional Body Registrar must sign the certificates


  • Certificates & ID Cards (Permit to operate) are generated and printed by administrator once ratification from the Skills and Ratification Committee has  been received.
  •  IWH Professional Body Registrar is required to sign all certificates
  • Certificates are verified by the Administrator and the Professional Body Manager.
  • Certificates are personally handed or sent via registered mail to member.
  • All members must sign for the certificate if certificate is personally handed over to member


Request for duplicate/copy certificate will be processed by the Administrator after the formal application has been received together with a letter of consent from the Training Provider that conducted the training and a certified copy of the individual who the re-issue is for.


If hard copies of member certificates are kept, these must be stored in a lockable store / cupboard.  Only authorized access is allowed.  Hard copy certificates shouldn’t be kept.

The database maintains a record of all certificates issued.  The database is password restricted


Only authorized staff may have access to the member achievement and certificate database.