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Designations - Access Towers and Ladders Chamber

The IWH Professional Body recognizes the following skill programs within the TOWERS/ALUMINIUM SCAFFOLD industry:

Designation - Suspended Access Equipment Chamber

The following designation for the Suspended Access Equipment (SAE) industry has been registered with SAQA:

Designation - Falsework Chamber

At this point in time, there are no registered SAQA “professional designations” with regards to Falsework. Training providers may however apply for recognition of their ‘Non-NQF programmes’ (not linked to SAQA registered unit standards) with the IWH Prof Body.

Designations - Fall Protection Chamber

A registered Fall Protection Planner is a professional responsible for the safety and protection of people working at height where there is a risk of injury from a fall.

Designations - Mobile Elevating Works Platforms Chamber

A registered MEWP Practitioner is a professional operating a Mobile Elevating Work Platform (or MEWP) in a variety of applications to do various activities at height. These activities can vary from construction, welding, painting, electrical work, film or photography, Arboriculture, cleaning, etc, in fact any activities that need to be performed at height.

Designations - Rope Access Chamber

The following designations for the Rope Access industry have been registered with SAQA:

Designation - Scaffolding

To be recognized with the IWH PB as a Scaffold General Worker the licence holder must comply with the following minimum requirements:

Must have completed an IWH PB approved Non-NQF Programme. Outcomes of this programme will be set by the Steel Scaffolding Chamber and submitted to IWH PB recognized training providers.