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ScAffolding Chamber (Steel)

Scaffolding Chamber (Steel)

Companies, Partnerships or Individuals engaged with scaffolding.

Contractors must ensure that all person that install scaffolding understand their specific roles and are trained to:

  • Identify each component and understand the function of each component
  • Safely install and make alterations to assembled components
  • Understand the safe use of each component
  • Safely handle scaffolding components
  • Safely dismantle the installed / ejected components

When selecting a training provider we recommend the following;

  • That the Provider is accredited, with the relevant SETA, to provide training covering the qualifications required.
  • That the Assessors and Moderators are registered constituent members of that SETA.
  • That the Training Provider is recognized the relevant Professional Body for the industry.
  • That the Professional Body is registered with SAQA.


  • All persons working with Scaffolding should at least comply with the relevant National and International standards. In the absence of a South African Scaffolding Standard, the recommended adopted scaffolding standards should be either EN or BSI. There are other standards that apply when there is a combination of scaffolding and falsework in use.

For more information contact the office for detail regarding the Working at Height Guidelines.