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To achieve the IWH Professional Body vision, its staff, the NEC as well as its recognized Skills Development Providers (SDP’s) will ensure the implementation of procedures for member entry, guidance and support.

The procedures include requirements relating to the following:-


IWH Professional Body will provide comprehensive information about the organisation, its resources, the available education and Skills and Quality programmes and entry criteria to all members, before entry, either through the organisation itself or through its recognized training providers.  Each recognized training provider has access to an information-sharing DVD on the IWH PB which will be shown to all new prospective members before conducting training.


Members will have the opportunity to clarify their requirements and relate them to the designations.


As a member of the IWH Professional Body members has access to the member’s pages of the website which will provide details of workshops, breaking news, legislation etc.

The CEO and staff will be available to guide and support members on various issues which include but not limited to: Continuing Professional Development, RPL, Designations, Training Provider Accreditation and Recognition with the IWH PB, CPD programmes available, assessment requirements etc.

The process of gathering information about member needs will be undertaken by the IWH PB recognized training providers and/or IWH Professional Body Administrator with assistance from the Members.


Members will be given their Certificates and ID card which will be valid for 3 years, once accepted and registered on the IWH PB database.